Good Beer Guide Belgium

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By Tim Webb & Joe Stange

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"Undoubtedly the best book on its subject on the market"
Rough Guide to Belgium & Luxembourg
"I wanted to let you know that I have never been this impressed with a travel guide as I have with this book, and hope you keep updating this book for years to come."
Matt W., Minneapolis

The iconic guide to the world-renowned home of serious beers. Completely revised and updated, this is the indispensable work for all Belgian beer lovers, even in Belgium itself.

  • Current edition: 7th Edition 2014
    Binding: Paperback
    Pages: 361
    Published by: CAMRA Books
    ISBN: 978-1-85249-311-0

  • Tim Webb has penned all seven editions of CAMRA’s guide to the beers of Belgium, since it first appeared in 1992. He has become one of the world’s best known beer writers, his World Atlas of Beer and Pocket Beer Book, co-authored with Stephen Beaumont, appearing in more than a dozen editions worldwide. He also co-wrote 100 Belgian Beers to Try Before You Die! and Lambicland. He lives near Cambridge, UK, where the flat terrain suits his cycling limitations.

    Joe Stange is a freelance journalist whose words and photos have appeared in the New York Times, Draft Magazine and All About Beer, among others. He began as an Associated Press newsman and eventually graduated to trailing spouse, winding up in exotic places like Costa Rica and Uccle. He co-wrote Around Brussels in 80 Beers and nurses a fetish for that city. His two children can discuss beer in four languages, so far.

  • The definitive, totally independent guide to understanding and finding the best that Belgian brewing has to offer – from beer festivals to cosy cafés, upmarket restaurants to brewery tours. The Guide is an essential companion for any visit to Belgium or for seeking out Belgian beer around the world.

    Whether you are travelling by train, bicycle, car or armchair, it will takes you to:

    • Over 900 beers form more than 200 breweries
    • 530 hand-picked cafés, bars, beer shops and bistros
    • The best festivals, brewery tours and museums of brewing
    • In-the-know travel advice for the independent tourist
    • Tips for drinking Belgian beer around the world
  • Good News

    BLANKENBERGE: the Perse (21 Jacob van Maerlantstraat) has now expanded its beer range to 100+ and have started serving local snacks.

    LO-RENINGE: the Bij de Witten in the hamlet of Fintele has turned into a cute little beer café to go with the nearby restaurant and B&B (De Hooipiete).

    ST. IDESBALD: the BIÈRE SUR MER (27-28 27-28 Zeedijk - T 058 51 69 83 - shut We; Tu 11.00-17.00; others from 11.00) is a new beer café associated with the Restaurant de Rimini, on the sea front.

    Bij de Witten in the hamlet of Fintele has turned into a cute little beer café to go with the nearby restaurant and B&B (De Hooipiete).

    New Info

    AARDOOIE: the OPCD now opens at 16.00.

    BRUGES: closing days have changed at the Garre (Mo only) and the Kedlk (Tu only).

    MIDDELKERKE: we hear that the Toogoloog is set to change hands.

    OSTEND: the Bistronoom shows no sign of relocating, so is gone. The Baron is in the coastal suburb of Mariakerke.

    PERVIJZE: the street address of the Vande Woude drinks warehouse is 6 Molenstraat and the beer stock is up to 500.

    STEENKERKE: the Kunstmaecker changed hands in June - no reports yet.

    WAARDAMME: the Moeder Overste now serves food.

    Bad news

    ROESBRUGGE: the Rohardushof has closed.

    VEURNE: the Flandria, which has graced every edition of the Guide since 1992, has closed.