Beer in the Netherlands

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By Tim Skelton

Includes comprehensive 2016 supplement, bringing it bang up-to-date!

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The world’s first comprehensive guide to the new Dutch beer scene offers an insider’s personal review of 180+ breweries, 1000+ beers, and hundreds of brilliant bier cafés and take-home suppliers.

  • Current edition: 2014 (with comprehensive 2016 supplement)
    Binding: Paperback
    Pages: 224
    Published by: The Homewood Press
    ISBN: 978-0-9572787-1-4

  • Tim Skelton has lived in the Netherlands since 1989 and has spent more than two decades studying Dutch culture through the bottom of a glass. He doesn’t remember who it was that first weekend that gently prised the pils from his grasp and replaced it with a Duvel, but he is eternally grateful. Wife Amanda shares his beery passion and was a willing companion throughout the months of arduous research. Tim is also the author of Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers (Cogan & Mater).

    Tim Webb (series editor) is an award-winning beer writer (Good Beer Guide Belgium — now in its 7th edition; World Atlas of Beer; Pocket Beer Book; LambicLand and others) and publisher (Around Bruges · Brussels · Amsterdam · Berlin · London in 80 Beers).

  • Beer in the Netherlands takes you through the rapidly evolving Dutch beer scene, from Amsterdam to Zwolle and many off-the-beaten-track places in between. Whether flying in for a short city break, exploring the country by bicycle, or getting on a train and letting it take you wherever, this meticulously researched collection of breweries, bars, cafés, festivals and beer shops will become your trusted companion. Raising the bar for beer tourism, it will lead you to some fabulous places you would never have found on your own.