About Us

Cogan & Mater was founded in 2004 because Tim Webb and Chris Pollard wanted to write a guidebook that made a record of the lambic breweries, beers and cafés of Payottenland and Brussels, before they disappeared from the world’s beer culture forever.

As no book publisher in their right mind would consider producing something so obscure, they decided to publish it themselves. At that point they discovered that you were not allowed to make a book for public sale without having an ISBN number and to get one of those in the UK you had to be a publishing company.

The first edition of LambicLand sold out, which encouraged us to produce a second book, Around Bruges in 80 Beers in 2006.

Since then the 80 Beers series has expanded to include London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin, with a second edition of Bruges appearing in 2009 and of LambicLand in 2010.

Currently we are working on a new series of books aimed to appeal to adventurous beer travellers and are working with other small publishers around the world to expand the availability of local beer books from other countries to a UK audience and vice versa.