The World Atlas of Beer – Second Edition April 11 2016, 0 Comments

The thoroughly revised, all-new second edition of the World Atlas of Beer, by Tim Webb and Stephen Beaumont, will be published simultaneously in the UK and the USA on 1st September 2016.

In depth pieces on the state of beer in 35 different countries, with commentary on what is happening in another 70. The trends, the styles and some of the players explained, and much of the accumulated bullshit debunked.

The world of beer is changing at such a rapid rate that it is sometimes, no usually impossible to keep up. This is your chance.

Lavishly illustrated with photographs, maps and tables. Your chance to get a handle on the state of beer in 2016 and the ultimate Christmas gift for the beer lover(s) among your family and friends.

Advance copies of the UK edition will be available to order at the Books About Beer website (date to be announced) signed and dedicated by at least one of the authors.